Project prosal

Level 2 Diploma Project 4 Proposal 

Project titleFilm
Section 1: Rationale 
For this project I have chosen to do a short Horror film. I have chosen this because have a lot of ideas for the plot and I really like horror films. I have also chosen to do this because I would like to be a filmmaker in the future and since I have already done cinematography I would like to explore other sides of the film industry like directing. I already know a lot of different film techniques and I know a lot about camera angles as I have used them in previous work. I also already know how to use a camera and I have a bit of experience with film. I also hope to learn more about lighting and audio which is going to be key in this project.
Section 2: Project concept 
For my project I have chosen to do a short Horror film that is about 10 minutes long. I have got inspiration to do this from a lot of big films like the conjuring and Annabelle as they focus on the supernatural and ghosts. I will be doing lots of primary and secondary research though out to help me if I get stuck. I will also be researching and practicing different techniques every week to expand my knowledge and help in my production stage. I will also need to do initial research about the horror genre and how to create suspense. I’m going to use dialogue, suspenseful music and sound effects for my audio. I will be creating these sounds using a tas cam and I may also have to use some library sound effects also. I’m going to be doing it both in college and at home as I will be having my family and friends as my cast. I think I will have the most difficulty with the lighting and audio as these are the things you have to get perfect for to have suspense and for it to be scary. This means that I will need to do a lot of research and preparation to make sure I get it right.
Section 3: Evaluation 
I will evaluate my project by doing regular reflections, This will either be weekly or daily depending on how much I get done that week. I will need to write what happened that say and what I did, I will also need to note down If anything went wrong and if I will need to do some more research. I will also need to not any changes I made and compare what I did to the plan.At the end of my project I will do one big final evaluation on how my entire project went and what went wrong and what went well.
Proposed research sources and bibliography (Harvard format)
“  Alex Fahl. 10 Steps To Writing a Horror Script – With Examples. 2018,    Grove, Elliot. “13 Steps To Making A Horror Film.” Raindance, 22 Oct. 2017, Terrifying Horror Movie Making Tips | Scary Films | Sparks Arts. 29 Oct. 2021,, Jourdan. “Editing Horror Films: 7 Pacing Tips for Your Next Project.” The Beat: A Blog by PremiumBeat, 9 July 2021,, Ryan. “Horror Film Music: Factors That Make Them So Terrifying | Stockmusic.Net.” Stockmusic.Net Blog, 26 Sept. 2018, How Sound Is Used To Create Suspense In Horror Movies | Movies Insider. 2021, Filmora Video Editor. How to Create Suspense in Films | Horror & Psychological Thrillers. 2018, to Make a Horror Film (with Pictures) – WikiHow to Make a Suspenseful Scene.” WikiHow How To Make an Effective Horror Movie | Video Essay. 2018, Bessette. How To Shoot a Horror Film | Cinematography 101. 2020, of Horror Films Explained.” The Los Angeles Film School, 18 Oct. 2021, IQ. The Psychology of Scary Movies. 2013, are the 5 elements of horror?” Gaming Section : Magazine Gaming, E-sport, jeux vidéo, Reviews, Trucs & Astuces, 30 July 2021,, Arwa. What Makes a Great Horror Movie Soundtrack? Gates, Chris “Ace.” “When Editing a Horror Movie or Thriller, Timing Is Key.” Videomaker, 27 Aug. 2019,
Project action plan and timetable
WeekDate  Activity/what you intend to do – including independent studyResources / what you will need to do – including access to resources
1  21/03/22Get initial Ideas done and do my initial research. Start to do my pitch.I will need to write everything in my WordPress and access to google.  
28/03/22 Start planning and preproduction such as location profiles, scripts, storyboard, and foley list. Google, YouTube, Storyboard template. WordPress.  
1  04/04/22 -Easter Start production. (filming)More research.Camera, google, YouTube, blogs, WordPress.
 2 11/04/22 -Easter Production. (filming)Techniques research.Camera, tas cam, google, YouTube, blogs, WordPress.
  218/04/22 Production (filming and audio)Research.Camera, tas cam, google, YouTube, blogs, WordPress.
 2 25/04/22 Production (filming and audio).Research.Camera, google, YouTube, blogs, WordPress.
  302/05/22 Make all my production is completely done/ get any final things.Start editing/postproduction.Camera, tas cam, google, YouTube, blogs, WordPress, Premiere pro. 
  409/05/22 Post production/ editing.Research.Premiere Pro.
 4 16/05/22 – Half Term Finish any final editing. Final evaluation.Premiere Pro, YouTube, WordPress.
423/05/22 – Deadline Hand everything in. 

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